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Installing and removing the application (see page 19) This section guides you through installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security on your computer, completing initial configuration, upgrading from a previous version of the application, and removing the application from the computer.

Application licensing (see page 44) This section contains information about the basic concepts of application activation.

This section describes the purpose of the End User License Agreement, the types of licenses, the ways to activate the application, and how to renew your license.

11 A D M I N I S T R A T O R ' S G U I D E Application interface (see page 40) This section describes the basic elements of the graphical interface of the application: the application icon and its context menu, main application window, and application settings window.

Document conventions are used to highlight semantic elements. Warnings provide information about unwanted actions that may lead to data loss or failures affecting hardware or the operating system. Notes may contain useful tips, recommendations, specific setting values, or important special cases in the operation of the application. Names of keys that are connected by a (plus) sign indicate the use of a key combination. Names of application interface elements, such as entry fields, menu items, and buttons, are set off in bold.