Diablo 3 updating setup file problem

Half way through the installation it says an error. So i try another download and it says i need to verify that i can download SCII, so i log in on Blizzard and i literally need to download the game again.

Something about a file being corrupted and needing to be reinstalled. It starts and then after about 2.25 mb, it stops and does nothing.

Step 5: Configure d2Inside your Diablo II folder right click on d2and change its properties so that it runs on XP service pack 3 compatibility mode, and set it so it always runs as administrator.

This guide instead attempts to provide quick, accessible instructions that cover the installation of the bare necessities to play the game on median's realm (called The Sin War).

It does not attempt to replace the two guides above, but please note that D2Multi Res is Step 1: Install Diablo II.

In the right part of D2SE's window — under "System Features" — there's a CD icon. In some instances, disabling sound will make the game run smoother under Glide.

You can check the "-ns disable Sound" checkbox to accomplish that. With the "Median XL" button from the list selected (It should be already) click the "Start Plugin" button at the top-right of D2SE's window.

Right in the center will be a list of Diablo II versions.