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There were some intentions that I realized quickly and some that lingered on for years. If we do nothing different, things will essentially stay the same.The older I get, the less time I want to spend waiting for something that could be achieved much more quickly. Operating from your current reality will continue to feed your current results.It might lead to stereotyping I couldn’t help noticing that Raghu couldn’t decide if he should be concerned about the kind of men a future Indian wife, an Air Hostess, had to deal with at work – Raghu had seen (and participated in) single-women-living-alone handling neighbours’ curiosity. Dev D: Practical Paro Artless Chandramukhi Heard about ‘Bol’ – from the maker of ‘Khuda ke liye’? Love Aajkal is against Indian Culture, but Kicking is legal?

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At times we focus only on positive thoughts and affirmations.

That's great, but without the car, you aren't going anywhere.

While smoking once in a while is understandable, I might not be able to manage a chain smoker. Hrishi on Raghu – At a level I think he is courageous and questions the conditioning family and society have brought upon him.